AQSE Rules

The website contains information which is required to be disclosed in accordance with AQSE Rules.

Last updated 11th May 2023

  1. AQSE Corporate Adviser and other professional advisers – See Advisers
  2. Place of incorporation – Certificate of Incorporation
  3. Constitution – Articles of Association
  4. Directors and biographical details – Meet the team
  5. Corporate Governance
  6. In respect of the admitted securities – see here:
    (a) the number of securities in issue and the percentage of securities that are in public hands
    (b) the particulars of any outstanding instruments issued by the issuer convertible into, or conferring a right to subscribe for, the admitted securities, and the amount and percentage of immediate dilution assuming full exercise of rights of conversion:
    (c) a list of the shareholders holding more than five per cent of the issuer’s share capital or voting rights and the percentage held by such shareholders;
    (d) any restrictions on their transfer;
    (e) details of the exchanges or trading platforms on which they are admitted to trading
  7. Its announcements for the previous 5 years; its published annual reports for the previous 5 years
  8. Its published interim financial results for the previous 5 years
  9. The admission document, growth prospectus or prospectus relied on for admission | Admission Document
  10. Circulars sent to shareholders for the previous 5 years.

Regulatory Announcements

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